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Services: Revenue Cycle & Targeted Operating Expenses

Services: Revenue Cycle & Targeted Operating Expenses2018-08-19T17:56:46+00:00

Our Services

We focus in the areas which consistently hide the greatest opportunity for game changing financial performance improvement: Revenue Cycle & Targeted Operating Expenses.

We specialize in finding compelling performance improvement where you’ve already looked and we partner with our clients to ensure opportunity identified becomes sustained bottom line improvement.

Our goal is to identify & deliver $1M – $2M in financial performance improvement for smaller community hospitals, and much more for larger organizations

Revenue Cycle

Even For Hospitals That Have Looked at Revenue Cycle Many Times, We Find That:

Bottom Line — We find nearly all hospitals still have $1M+ opportunity to improve net revenue

There’s a New Possible for Revenue Cycle Performance

We can help you achieve, accelerate & sustain your revenue cycle potential by infusing needed resources, the right talent and fully leveraging technology — Performance Insourced

Insider Knowledge Required to Drive Down Targeted Operating Expenses

  • Hospital teams often challenged to identify top performance metrics
  • For outsourced services, vendors hold the knowledge cards
  • Yesterday’s expense reduction strategies will fail tomorrow’s performance needs
  • More team bandwidth required to achieve performance change success

We Focus on the Biggest Expense Reduction Levers in Targeted Areas of Operations

  • We use Insider Knowledge to identify the New Possible for performance improvement
  • We establish the new performance metrics for team accountability
  • We provide the playbook and resources to ensure execution success
  • We start with a No Risk Assessment to accelerate action & performance improvement

We find nearly all hospitals still have $500k+ opportunity in these areas, with most having $1M or more upside potential.
Change the Game — Put Insider Knowledge & Execution Resources on Your Bottom Line.

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