Operating Margin Performance Improvement – Targeted Areas of Operating Expenses

Most hospitals have cut even politically sensitive operating expenses to the bone – there are no more “sacred cows.”

Most CFO’s doubt the juice is worth the squeeze to tackle new expense reduction initiatives.

Ni2 applies specialized insight to targeted non-labor operating expenses to uncover hidden financial benefit, including related missed revenues.

Unlock your hidden operating expense upside – we always find 1% – 3% of current budgets in additional operating margin improvement.

Expense Reduction Fact – Specialized expertise & more bandwidth is required to become a top performer

  • Hospital teams don’t know what they don’t know
  • Absence of established top performer metrics & benchmarks
  • For outsourced services, vendors hold the “knowledge cards”
  • Hospital team bandwidth stretched too thin – basic duties crowd out focus on financial performance

Ni2 focuses on these targeted areas of non-labor operating expenses for all hospitals (both expense & missed revenues)

  • Pharmacy
  • Supply chain, office supplies & purchased services
  • Therapy services

Ni2 also reviews the following additional targeted areas of non-labor operating expenses which frequently hide expense reduction upside (depending upon the size of the hospital)

  • Laboratory
  • Biomedical & equipment maintenance
  • Food, housekeeping & laundry services
  • Employee benefits & insurance services
  • IT services
  • Energy services

We are execution experts – we ALWAYS deliver more financial benefit than we identify in the Assessment.

Assessments & Engagements:

  • No IT bandwidth required – our team pulls all required data

  • No fee risk for comprehensive Operating Margin Assessment – our assessments fund themselves

  • We create the roadmap to deliver your hidden operating expense reduction potential
  • We provide everything you need for execution success – Performance Insourced

Don’t let knowledge gaps & team bandwidth limit your bottom line.

Contact us today for your No-Risk assessment. Unlock your hidden operating expense performance upside in 75 days.