EMR Conversions – Protect Against Your Cash Flow Disruption Risk

Do you have enough cash on hand to survive a post go-live EMR conversion cash flow disruption?

Many organizations have experienced an unplanned or even catastrophic reduction in cash flow as a result of an EMR conversion.

Will your Finance Committee appreciate engaging an experienced EMR conversion partner to ensure against the risk of cash flow disruption?

We have a track record for managing EMR conversions on-time without any disruption to cash flow.

Common Pitfalls:

  • Assuming your EMR vendor has it fully covered. They are a valuable resource, but your team owns the success of the financial conversion.

  • Not adding to team bandwidth. Your RCM team members are already stretched too thin. They will not have the capacity to manage their day jobs & a successful conversion.
  • Don’t be your own guinea pig. EMR conversions are simply too complex. Engage an experienced RCM conversion expert to avoid the critical mistakes of others.

Ni2 Conversion Assistance Services: A 9–12 month journey to do it right.

  • Pre-implementation planning
  • Implementation project management
  • Pre-live operational engagement
  • Pre-live build & operational audits

  • Complete revenue cycle system(s) support
  • Post-live system optimization
“From day 1 the Ni2 team jumped in with both feet. Even though Ni2 was engaged after our teams already started the work to convert, Anita made a direct impact in moving this project forward and getting us back on track & ahead of schedule. Ni2’s efforts made a direct impact on the success of the conversion.”
EMR Vendor Testimonial

Bottom Line – Ni2 can protect your post go-live downside.

We will build your financial conversion roadmap, manage the process, & provide the bandwidth to ensure a successful conversion.