Operating Margin Performance Improvement – Charge Capture Optimization as a Turnkey Service

Do you know if your team is billing for every single individual billable service performed?

Charge capture is so complex, it is impossible for:

  • People alone to identify & catch all potential charge capture opportunities – audits frequently identify a 20% to 40% missed charge capture error rate for hospital bills
  • Multi-purpose revenue cycle technology platforms to capture 100% of all billable events

Even when armed with a best in class technology platform, hospital teams almost universally lack the bandwidth & specialized charge code auditing expertise to capture 100% of billable events.

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Don’t miss another billable service – let Ni2 help you capture your 1% or more in missed charge capture optimization.

Ni2’s turnkey service is your path to becoming a charge capture top performer

  • Features proprietary, specialized charge capture technology platform with 12 year track record of industry leading success
  • Includes over 500,000 algorithms to identify all possible bills where a billable service was not captured on the bill before the claim goes out the door
  • Leverage Ni2’s experienced charge auditor team to remotely review every virtual bill and medical record to determine if a potential missed billable service was actually provided to the patient, before the claim is submitted
  • Rely on the expertise of Ni2’s team to know every single individual service you are legally permitted to bill & ensure billing compliance

We are experts at charge capture optimization – we ALWAYS deliver more charge capture upside than we identify in the Assessment.

Assessments & Engagements:

  • No IT bandwidth required – our team handles the required data pulls & system interfaces
  • No fee risk – Charge Capture Optimization is included in our comprehensive Operating Margin Assessment – our assessments fund themselves
  • We create the roadmap to ensure you never miss another billable service
  • We provide the technology platform, the national expertise & dedicated charge auditor bandwidth to ensure execution success

Don’t let the complexity of ever-changing billing rules keep you from billing for all the services you perform.

Contact us today for your No-Risk assessment. Unlock your Hidden RCM Upside in 75 days.